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Stationery. The first impression counts.

Nothing is worth more than a good first impression. A good design and the use of a matching set of stationery can drive your audience’s attention.

Nothing is worth more than a good first impression at the moment of presenting your company, or managing internal and external communications.

Generally, in the printing industry, stationery refers to the collection of papers, letterheads, envelopes, and also business cards.

Nowadays, companies care more than ever about being eco-friendly, so they are moving forward with alternative solutions to reduce any negative impact on the planet.

While technology has grown exponentially, facilitating communications, e-stationery and other electronic communications may not be seen as an immediate replacement to the traditional approach.

On the contrary, e-stationery and traditional stationery exist as supportive medias for each other.

Additionally, there is a wide range of ecological paper stocks to choose from when thinking of becoming more earth-friendly.

Traditional stationery, such as letterheads and envelopes, is still relevant, under certain circumstances, as a formal way to communicate. Such is the case of legal letters, contracts, membership communications, and other similar documents.

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Siamo Undici -branding & design + E Impronta -printing & promotional solutions

From the design point of view, whether the media selected is traditional or online or both, it is important that the graphic elements that make up the visual identity of the company are consistent and coherent along the stationery elements, both in print and electronic.

At Siamo Undici + E Impronta we can assist you with ideas, designs and the layout of your piece, and print them out.

A wide array of stationery products!

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