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Gabo Bergonzo

Gabo Bergonzo

Founder/President at Gemms Core, LLC.

Head Graphic Designer and Creative Director for Gemms Core’s current divisions, Siamo Undici and E Impronta.

Identity. Branding. Graphic & Logo Design. Public Speaker. Coaching & Start-Ups.

Widespread job experience spanning more than 35 years.

Experienced in all of the Adobe CC Suit applications, highly skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, PremierPro, and AfterEffects, InDesign, XD.

Unique problem-solver, analytical, strategic. Creative thinker. Rational leader and works well under pressure.

Teaching. Law. Engineering. Wire-framing.

Strong legal background with a Master’s degree, practiced for 6 years in his country of birth, Argentina. Has also taught at Universidad Católica de Salta, evaluating last-year students on their abilities to receive their law degrees.

Lucrecia Albertengo

Lucrecia Albertengo

Co-Founder/VP at Gemms Core, LLC

Marketing Director at Siamo Undici and E Impronta, marketing brands and divisions of Gemms Core, LLC.

Marketing & Sales. Social Media & Blogs chief strategist. Image & Identity. Peripherals & Promotional Products Consultant.

Vast experience in the analysis and implementation of information systems projects, branding, advertising, and sales. Accomplished in the development of business models.

Energetic, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and multi-tasking abilities. Creative and analytical problem-solver.

Also, actively engaged in the Florida short-term rental market for the vacation home industry, working within and around such businesses and companies.

Our story.

Every brand has a story to tell… this is ours.

Here is a perspective view into the company we founded back in 2011, Gemms Core LLC.

What motivated us to form Gemms Core could be summed up as a 180-degree turn that flipped both our professional and personal lives to follow what we are truly passionate about.

By early 2012 we had arrived in Orlando, FL and by 2013 our startup business was fully-operative, under the division name Ad & Expressions with the tagline “advertise or add an expression,” its primary focus was blank apparel personalization for local businesses to feature their logos.

Throughout the years we realized that there was a lack of aesthetic, consistence, and coherence in how others were presenting their products and services to promote their businesses. The virtually free, generic, downloadable logo plus a limited palette made to match, wasn’t the best solution for these businesses to develop a real brand and identity with the according visual elements.

It was then that we started specializing in branding projects for all those in need of a unique brand, a new name, an iconic logo, or just a refreshing revamp.

We decided to clean the slate, wipe out Ad & Expressions, and give birth to our actual marketing brands: Siamo Undici the branding & design studio, and E Impronta for our clientele’s promotional needs across all medias.

More can be revealed about our story through the meanings of our names…

Symbolism & Meaning

The company’s name

‘Gemms’ refers to how we named our daughters, after gemstones, and ‘Core’ comes from a sense of unity within our family, our three daughters, our youngest son, and ourselves.

The typeface

Regulator Nova Medium, designed by Rian Hughes, is the typography chosen to replace the original that was hand drawn.

Clean, elegant and legible. The Regulator Nova has classical proportions based on a circumscribed circle and square lending a sharp precision to the characters.

The colors

A deep navy to represent creative thought and analysis.

A warm burgundy for ambition and passion of our work.

This iconic contrast of blue and red shows both sides to one whole, Gemms Core.

The shapes

Gemms Core Isotype

Reflected and flipped, geometric and fluid, this pair of hand-drawn figures loosely make up a hexagon and a mere reference of the Yin and Yang icon.

Simply enough, the six-sided figure represents the size of our family.

The Yin and Yang reference conceptualizes dualism, the idea that opposites complement each other, much like both colors.

With our combined professional experience form various backgrounds, we can bring knowledgeable solutions to our clients on a daily basis and pursue the growth of our company.

Siamo Undici + E Impronta

Our marketing brands have Italian names, this is why.

Although we were both born and raised in Argentina, we have strong roots from Italy, so we thought that we would look back to this source for inspiration.

Not to mention, we have a strong interest and attraction towards European design, with a few favorites from Scandinavia and Germany. Hence, we draw inspiration from the creativity, innovation, and aesthetic that characterizes Italian design specifically in its post-industrial era, which is recognized as a prime example of form and function.

Creative & Parallel thinking
When one and one is eleven

Of course, adding one to one equals two, that’s basically what we are: both of us, wearing many ‘hats’, and managing our company.

However, to think of things in a more interesting way -more creatively- we applied a bit of parallel or lateral thinking. That is the ability to look at a problem in an absolutely different way, sometimes even in unconventional steps, to come up with a new solution.

Therefore, we have put one and one to form eleven, as Siamo Undici (“we are eleven”).

Even with both of us at the helm, we haven’t been alone in our journey. Every step so far has left its impression, so we are thankful for all those who have come along, such as Our Team, Business Partners, Customers, Friends, and -of course- our Family.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our story, which will be continued throughout this blog.

Siamo Undici e Impronta il tuo Marchio!

(“we are eleven and we imprint your brand”)

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