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Door hangers. Hang your message at every door!

A door hanger, as a marketing tool, has several uses and benefits that give it an advantage over other types of promotional literature and mailing services.

Door hangers are a cost-effective solution to grabbing the attention of people at first glance, since they are easy to slide onto any door handle or doorknob.

Generally door hangers are produced googly-eyed over thick die cut paper stocks with full-color printing and a gloss cover with UV coating, or from recycle paper stocks.

However there are other fancy options such as the ones produced from plastic which are weather resistant.

Also there are enhanced variations, such as the ones that come with a super seal adhesive strap that allows to affix a complementary product, for example a magnet.

Get noticed at first glance

It is well-known that in the lodging sector -hotels, motels, resorts and bed & breakfasts- have been using them for a long time, as a way of communication between guests and maids. Hanging messages at the room doors’ handles: “Do not disturb” or “Please make up from”; how could they go unnoticed?

Also door hangers are useful at welcoming guests to an event or giving them directions.

For small-business, from bars & restaurants to service companies this versatile printed piece for hanging out a note can be used to get the word out about their business, products, services, and upcoming events to a targeted audience.

A door hanger, as a marketing tool, has several uses and benefits that give it an advantage over other types of promotional literature and mailing services.

The research on demographic information of the neighborhoods in your locale, while focusing on those areas that are more likely to need your products and services will help to identify your target audience.

This might determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign to see the best returns on your investment.

Most common uses & benefits

Door hangers are a cost-effective advertising option to introduce yourself to people in your community since they allows you an easy way to quickly reach locals for your business.

  • Useful for utilities companies to send official notices.
  • Practical way to notify about missed deliveries.
  • Home services business, such as pool & lawn care, pest control, property management, realtors, housekeeping, plumbers, decorators, realtors, handymen, roof replacement and constructors, just to mention many home-related businesses that can find an affordable way to promote themselves within local neighborhoods.
  • Wineries and breweries may use them in an attentive way to give product specs or useful information and tips by hanging them from bottle necks.
  • Car dealers, auto repair or car wash services may find them useful to give detailed information about their products’ specs or detail the services done.
  • Helps to promote advocacy for a cause to locals or a political campaign.
  • Great way to welcome guests or give them directions.
  • Promote your business, label your room, or hang a special greeting.

Also you can add a discount or coupon to encourage them to try your products/services by buying online or at the store.

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